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What Are My Payment Options

Do you accept my insurance?


  • In order to work on behalf of your best interests, we take payment at the time of service, and provide you with the proper documentation needed for your insurance claims.  If you have chiropractic insurance benefits you can easily file for reimbursement.


Why don't you accept my insurance?


  • Chiropractors who accept insurance payments are forced to utilize "insurance approved" treatment plans and therapies in order to receive payment, regardless of your needs.


  • Many chiropractors who rely on insurance payments rely on utilizing and billing for insurance approved extras, such as electrical stimulation, X-rays, heat or cold packs and massage machines and a variety of other therapies, to maximize income - regardless of their necessity to your condition.


  • Chiropractors who depend on insurance payments must hire extra staff to process claims.  These administrative costs are then passed on to you.  In addition, because of extra costs, the doctor now needs to see even more patients which decreases the amount of time they are available to spend with you.


  • At Bubnich Chiropractic we have elected to avoid all of this by instituting simple, affordable fees with no hidden costs.  You will know what everything costs before you receive the service.



So what are my payment options?


  • Currently we have a fee for service system in place where you pay for each visit before you leave.  We currently accept cash, check or debit, as well as Visa and MasterCard.


Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA)

or Flex-Spending Card?


  • Absolutely!  In fact this is an excellent way to make use of your insurance benefits. These types of cards function just like a credit or debit card.


Do you see Medicare or Medicaid patients?


  • At this time we do not see Medicare or Medicaid patients.  Dr. Adam is not enrolled as a provider for Medicare, which is a requirement, regardless of your ability to pay independently or not.  Medicare has specific rules which prevent chiropractors from "opting out" much like medical doctors can which would allow patients to pay out of pocket without the requirement of submitting a claim.

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