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What We Offer

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Subluxation Detection
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Subluxation Detection
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DOT Medical Exams

At Bubnich Chiropractic, our primary service is the detection of subluxation.  A common misconception of chiropractors is that you will always need to be adjusted every time you go in.  This is not the case at Bubnich Chiropractic.  Dr. Adam strongly believes in a very simple, two step approach to care:


1. Who needs to be checked for subluxation?


2. Who gets an adjustment?

  • Only those who have a subluxation!


So what does this mean for you?  While the majority of people who begin chiropractic care typically have subluxations and the need for adjustments quite frequently, eventually the body adapts and accepts the adjustments. It is important to understand that the nervous system learns through repetition and by the time you feel a symptom, the body has been in a state of dysfunction for quite some time!  The ultimate goal at Bubnich Chiropractic is to promote a wellness schedule of care where your spine is checked on a regular basis in proactive prevention rather than reactive treatment.

Bubnich Chiropractic Clinic offers DOT Physicals.  As of 2014, anyone who needs a medical card to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle needs to have their physical done by a Certified Medical Examiner (CME).  These examiners need to be listed with the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME).  Driver's should make sure that they get certified by someone who has the newest certification and training or your certificate will not be valid.

Current Pricing:

DOT Exam - $85

Drug Testing
DOT and Non-DOT

Bubnich Chiropractic offers several drug testing services to suit your company's needs.

Current Pricing:

DOT and Non-DOT Collection site fee:  $35

Breath Alcohol Screening test (not confirmation testing): $30

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